For the last 18 months, Galen has been part of a consultant team to assist our Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Program in developing a five year strategic plan to address racial and ethnic health inequities. We have been consistently impressed by Galen’s ability to creatively engage our staff in all levels of planning, from needs assessment to logic model evaluation planning. For example, Galen designed a brilliant training program that brought together community members and staff from our hardest hit census tracts to learn about, analyze, and interpret all kinds of data to determine priorities for our strategic plan. Not only did we actively engage with the data and each other, but we laughed a lot and had a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

—Vicki Alexander, City of Berkeley Maternal Child Adolescent Health

Galen and her team developed “What’s Up? Wellness Checkups,” a successful and highly regarded program for Nevada County’s Behavioral Health Department that screens and counsels hundreds of high school students for depression, anxiety, and suicidality. While Galen has a deep understanding of how to build, sustain, and evaluate effective community programs, she also brings her passion for wellness to the table as a member of our county’s Mental Health Services Act Steering Committee. I’ve known her as an excellent organizational change consultant, but also in her capacity as a program manager for Nevada County’s Public Health Department where she oversaw all of our health and wellness programs and collaborated closely with the Behavioral Health Department, seeking to bridge the community health and mental health silos. She is a strategic thinker, an effective team leader, and a trustworthy collaborator.

—Rebecca Slade, Interim Behavioral Health Director, Nevada County

Over a period of a year, Galen provided consultation and training to our Prevention Services Unit in research-based planning. With great humor and skill, she guided our staff and youth council to identify priorities and data needs, develop logic models, and design a youth-led research project that has put our prevention work on the map. This has noticeably increased our effectiveness and has allowed us to protect precious resources in a time when prevention dollars are shrinking.

—Kathy Delaney, Mariposa County Prevention Services

When our 5-year initiative was just being launched we hired Galen’s team to take on a key component, which was to train and coordinate 19 professional coaches who provided technical assistance to 39 community grantees. Galen and her team designed an innovative training program that was participatory, engaging and that prepared these coaches to assist our granteesin successfully achieving their first year goals. Galen has a clear and strongly insightful understanding of the role of technical assistance, and is highly competent in both designing the substance of training programs, supporting peer learning, as well as providing oversight and administration to a large and complex project. She is highly reliable, was flexible as our needs changed, and handled multiple tasks with ease and good humor. I believe she would be an asset to any program she assists.

—Julie Williamson, Partnership for the Public’s Health

We hired Galen and her associate, Lisa Korwin, to assist us in developing a scope of work for our complicated grant proposal. Not only did they help us develop key sections of the proposal, they were also instrumental in guiding us toward key outcomes and measures using the logic model planning process. After meeting with us, listening closely and understanding exactly what needed to be done, they efficiently helped us focus our work with the deadline looming. Because vying for grant funding is a difficult proposition at best, it is a great testament to their work that with their assistance, our proposal was funded!

—Bob Gordon, Coalition of Lavender-Americans on Smoking and Health

I’ve worked with different consultants throughout the years but found Galen to be one of the best. I was so impressed with her vision, organizational skills and her overall understanding of our goals that I didn’t think twice about hiring her for our project. Galen is a great person to brainstorm ideas with; she is flexible in the planning process; very knowledgeable in her field; and comprehensive in her service delivery. I truly enjoyed working with her. I recommend Galen to any organization searching for a consultant in the area of education, training, and facilitation.

—Christine Nguyen, Asian Resources, Inc.

In 2003, Galen, in partnership with Sheryl Walton, provided excellent training to a small army of community volunteers for the largest-ever study of homeless people in a single metropolitan area. Culturally appropriate training was provided by a diverse team to a diverse group of homeless consumers, community members, service professionals, and executives. Not only did they provide excellent training materials and delivery, but they effectively partnered with and managed other consultants. Galen and her team were highly professional, demonstrated a strong work ethic, and rolled with scheduling glitches and timeline crunches with aplomb. Our lead researcher commented that the training they developed and implemented was, ‘the most effective training of its type I’ve ever seen. I was impressed.’ So are we!

—Megan Schatz, Alameda County Homelessness Continuum of Care Council

We were lucky enough to have Galen’s team work with us throughout both our planning stages as well as implementation. With her extensive experience and knowledge in the field, she always drew out and built upon our own capacity to plan and evaluate our programs. Galen developed a participatory process that engaged all our key stakeholders in understanding, analyzing, and interpreting both baseline data and subsequent evaluation data. It was empowering and exhilarating to work as a group to develop findings and recommendations based on a rigorous analysis of the data. It was such a benefit to have someone as an evaluator who was also a natural educator and facilitator.

—Catherine Condon, Marin County Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Services

Numerous times I have been amazed to be part of a large group of people when Galen was facilitating, who come together with diverse points of view to end up with a common vision we agree upon, feel good about, and are inspired to take action upon. Because it is so effortless for those of us participating she makes it look seamless. Anyone who has attempted to create a common vision where each person has had input and feels good with the result knows it is not an effortless or seamless task. Galen is a master facilitator who works her magic through seeking out and acknowledging each of our voices and then guiding us through the process of finding the heart of all the random thoughts and ideas and coalescing all of it into a clear vision and then a plan of action.

—Lori Burkart Frank, Nevada County Community Leadership Institute Facilitator

Working with Galen in various group settings, and among diverse community sectors, on youth substance abuse prevention and coalition-building, she’s always drawn my attention with her perspective, broad understanding, and clear way of explaining things. Out of all of my experiences sitting in on workshops, seminars, and summits, Galen has by far provided the best facilitation, and I always walk away inspired to make a difference, with a deeper understanding of how to make that happen.

—Tasha Meyer, Executive Director, Hope Rising

I have been fortunate to observe Galen’s skillful methods for engaging and supporting clients in our work together. She supported us in planning and facilitating collaborative and steering committee meetings, developing and refining surveys and evaluations, and helping us to develop new skills to lead virtual meetings. She assisted on multiple occasions to provide targeted technical assistance and trainings on topics related to meeting facilitation and evaluation. Local health department staff have sought out her technical expertise on multiple occasions, and participants have highly rated her trainings. Galen is consistently thoughtful, encouraging, dedicated, and creative. I recommend Galen’s services to any organization that is looking for a consultant who is warm, reliable, process-driven, and committed to creating a culture of authentic engagement.

—Sarah Underwood, Training Program Administrator for the Delta Gold Country Training Resource Center

Galen has been highly supportive of SYRCL and the Yuba River, leading deep visioning and planning workshops with our team. In the workshops, she listened well while creatively helping the team to think through critical priority setting exercises together. Her approach is fun yet highly productive; she had us still going strong at the end of a full day of meeting. Her extraordinary skills and talents have helped focus and accelerate our growth. She offers a safe place to ask hard questions, and has inspired us with new tools in our work to protect the watershed.

—Caleb Dardick, Executive Director, SYRCL

Galen has a keen understanding of what it takes to build effective non-profit organizations. We had the privilege of working with Galen and her team in a number of capacities, mainly to develop our theory of change and program logic models. She was able to convince our members of the importance of identifying measurable outcomes that would lead us to achieving our overall mission and vision. She is engaging, big-hearted, and a wise community leader with grounded experience both in the non-profit and public sector world, and brings a much-needed entrepreneurial spirit to her clients. Galen and her team base their approach on a set of core values that are reflected in her relationships with clients: she strongly values authenticity and creativity; seeing the full potential of individuals and organizations; and acting with patience, humor, acceptance and compassion.

—Gary H. Quehl, Ph. D., co-founder and former board member of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership

Galen and her team worked with our Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Program for about nine months to conduct a countywide needs assessment in preparation for our 5-year Action Plan. We were impressed by her collaborative approach and creativity in engaging stakeholders from throughout the County in reviewing, analyzing and interpreting complex datasets. The community meetings she planned and executed were expertly designed and facilitated, and participants left feeling well-informed and fully engaged in the process of identifying critical community needs. Galen also gathered our staff as a planning team, and we appreciated how organized she was with agendas, timeframes, and clear action items—while being highly flexible, accommodating, and a fun person to work with!

—Cindy Watson, Director of Public Health Nursing, Placer County Public Health

We brought Galen on as our ADRC Program Manager when we won a significant grant from the federal Administration on Community Living to expand the development of local and regional Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) programs throughout California. She coordinated a publicly competitive bidding process to select a new ADRC, provided on-going contract management and technical assistance, recruited and organized other contractors, and convened leaders from various state-level agencies such as California Health & Human Services, Department of Health Care Services, Department of Aging, and others.

Galen always made my job easier with her high level of preparation, deeply thought-out options in response to difficult situations, and effective facilitation of group decisions. She is well grounded in independent living principles, and works very effectively with diverse groups of stakeholders and consumer groups, navigating historical tensions among interest groups.

—Liz Padral, Executive Director, State Independent Living Council (SILC)