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It Gets Better

I am writing from my office here in gorgeous Nevada City in the Sierra Foothills. I now work half time as the Health & Wellness Program Manager for Nevada County Public Health Department, and half time doing consulting work throughout California.

These days, I am working for a number of organizations providing evaluation support, program management, and strategic planning. I have the pleasure of working in fields I am very familiar with: alcohol and drug prevention, domestic violence prevention, and public health; and with agencies that are opening up new worlds for me: Aging & Disability Resource Connections and evaluation of services for the blind.

At the County, and in my personal life, I’ve been involved with some work around bullying prevention, and in particular, community building to address the frightening trend in suicides among queer youth. If you haven’t heard about the “It Gets Better” movement on YouTube, check out this one that I thought was very powerful.

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