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Getting There

Our voice in the national conversations about Logic Models and Virtual Meeting Spaces

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The American Evaluation Association (AEA), the premier organization for evaluators in North America, asked us to contribute to its daily blog twice in recent days. One was during AEA’s Logic Model theme week in March, a nation-wide dialogue on the relevance of logic models. The other, last week, describes our experience with Virtual Meeting Spaces.

We partnered with Debra Smith, Director of the Program Evaluation & Research Group at Endicott College in Massachusetts, to write a blog post on how we use logic models to develop evaluation systems. In the evaluation world, there has been a lively conversation regarding these planning tools that clarify and graphically display what a project or program intends to do, and what it hopes to accomplish. Some feel that logic models are too static and don’t account for complexity or change. Others find them to be a useful tool to guide program development and evaluation…To read the entire post, visit this AEA page.

In the Virtual Meeting Spaces post, I outline our process of adapting traditional meeting facilitation skills to virtual formats, with lessons learned along the way…To read the entire Virtual Meeting Space post, visit this AEA page.

And check out this video snippet of our logic model training, where we use the metaphor of crossing a river to explain how logic models work; as well as this demonstration of our virtual meeting services.

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