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Feeling Cornered?

cornerSo you’ve just been tasked with gaining engagement and input from community stakeholders throughout the state for a strategic planning process. You have six months. Budget came in low. Oh yes, and you’ve got to plan and coordinate the whole thing in monthly meetings with client representatives from every region.

“Ack!” you’re saying. “What did I get myself into?” Just put you or me in a roomful of diverse participants and watch us do our thing, right? But this time onsite facilitation isn’t a realistic option. Conference calls aren’t right for this. Videoconferences…well almost. Hmm…how to engage? How to excel?

Have you ever imagined online meeting spaces that honor diverse learning and communication styles, introverts, extroverts—and leave everyone feeling like they’ve truly contributed? Of course you have, and so have we. The tough part is putting that vision into action.

A couple of years ago, despite all the ways we’ve seen virtual meetings come up short, we did see potential… and that somehow this medium could and should be put to good use for our growing clientele.

Fast forward to 2015 →

We are very pleased with our new reality. After a considerable investment of time, money, technology and stubbornness, we’ve managed to harness the online beast. It very ably supports our mission of aiding far-flung organizations with limited resources and unlimited challenges.

In this short video, we’ll show you a few ways that we now use Adobe Connect in our work.

Please visit this page if you would like to participate in a demo and provide future feedback on some online focus group processes we are developing.

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