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Celebrate and Elevate Who You Are and Why You Exist! Values, Vision, and Mission

Part 2 of our 4-part series on Strategic Planning in a Rapidly Changing Environment Co-authored by Galen Ellis and Selma Abinader (www.abinadergroup.com) Did you catch last month’s article on why we recommend the Strategic Framework planning over traditional Strategic Planning? In it we provided an overall summary of how the Strategic Framework provides more flexibility …

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Facilitate to Innovate, Part 2: Focused Conversation and ORID

A few weeks ago we discussed the importance of question design in my role as a facilitator hired to swiftly—yet very effectively—guide groups through various planning and prioritization sessions. In Part 1, we focused on Appreciative Inquiry, a model that can help structure this question design process by tapping into each participant’s potential to innovate …

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Getting There

Our voice in the national conversations about Logic Models and Virtual Meeting Spaces   The American Evaluation Association (AEA), the premier organization for evaluators in North America, asked us to contribute to its daily blog twice in recent days. One was during AEA’s Logic Model theme week in March, a nation-wide dialogue on the relevance …

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Feeling Cornered?

So you’ve just been tasked with gaining engagement and input from community stakeholders throughout the state for a strategic planning process. You have six months. Budget came in low. Oh yes, and you’ve got to plan and coordinate the whole thing in monthly meetings with client representatives from every region. “Ack!” you’re saying. “What did …

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